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Goal Setting related Questions

Reading affirmations immediately before going to bed or as soon as you wake up is the best time.

There is no guidelines on number of times you have to read affirmation, However you've to focus on  intensity while reading. Add more feelings

Yes, you can add both short term, long term goals in vision board.

Also Pick-up right picture from magazine, internet or draw simple picture to represent your goal

I would suggest go with manual vision board, you can have emotional connection when you prepare manual vision board (using cardboard, pen, pictures).

Other option is Digital vision board.

Yes, you have to read affirmation daily for minimum 21days for better results. Or even read and write as well.

A vision board is a visual representation of your bucket list goals. This could be a short-term or long-term goal. Affirmations are positive statements that assist you in reprogramming your brain and overcoming any limitations you may have.


My suggestion is that this requires little practice. please pick-up 25 to 30 simple words every day for few weeks and try to build visualization using SIPCAFEE. Later, you can quickly create any visualization.

Use substitution memory concepts to simplify difficult words. Please refer DAY3 Videos

There are many applications, you can use in many different situations like shopping list, day to day activity or To-do list etc

You must build unique visualizations so that you can easily remember multiple stories. For instance, you can remember different movies even if you have the same actors/actress, because each movie has a unique story, scene and situation

Visualization is real, forming a mental image of something. Usually requires prior knowledge.

Imagination may not be true. Imagination does not necessarily require prior knowledge.

To easily remember words, we need to create a picture or visual effect. The first step is to turn hard words into simple pictures using the substitution method to make things easier.
One way to simplify difficult words into pictures using memory concepts is to use mnemonic devices; Eg: philanthropic = film + throw + pickup


Try Speed repetition to remember things for longer time. Spaced repetition is a technique used to help remember information by spacing out the intervals between review. It involves repeating information or tasks throughout a given period of time, usually with increasing intervals of time between each review.
1st Revision – Revise as soon as you learn something
2nd Revision – Revise within 24 hours
3rd revision – Revise within 48 hours
4rd revision – Revise within 1 week
5rd revision – Revise within 1 month


If you are storing temporary data in memory palace, then you can re-use. However, if your planning to retain data for longer time, then you cannot you can't utilize same memory palace
Initially, remembering 5 objects/room is simple. Once you've become used to memory palace, you can increase the number of objects in each room.

No, the same furniture cannot be used in multiple rooms since it will cause confusion.

For example, the tables in rooms 1 and 2 are identical; please do not mix them up.  Although the shapes and designs of the tables in rooms 1 and 2 differ, you can utilise them both.

Each memory palace has five rooms that are more comfortable to remember

Example : living room, sleeping room, study room, kitchen, bathroom, and so on.

According to my experience, we can easily recall 5 items in each room. If you try to add more items, you may have trouble memorising them. You can still try if you want.

Data stored in memory palace will be deleted automatically after few days if you don't apply spaced-repetition.

However, if you wish to reset immediately, then you can do reverse engineering. How you store the data using visualisation, same way visualise you are removing data from particular furniture. Visualize it disappearing, vanishing, becoming very small, and so on.

Number System Memorization (PEG Method)

In our daily lives, we come across a variety of number systems, such as phone numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, financial data and birthdays. etc We use the PEG image system to recall any numbers easily. Please watch the DAY7 Videos to learn about the Phonetic and PEG Systems. My advice is to divide the 99 photographs into five groups: 00 to 20, 20 to 40, 40 to 60, 60 to 80, and 80 to 99.
You may easily learn and recall 100 images in a week if you learn 20 images a day.


STEP 1 : Choose any chapter and read it for TWO minutes.
* Count the lines you have READ
For instance, 30 lines

STEP 2. Count the words in the first or second line.
For instance, 10 words

STEP 3. Calculate your reading Speed
* WPM = Number of lines you read (X) Number of words in each line
For instance, 30 x 10 = 300

Divided by 2 =300/2 =150 WPM

We usually measure reading speed in terms of words per minute(WPM); thus, if you read for 2  minutes, we divide by two to get an average.

This is dependent on individual practise; some people can get good speed after finishing one book, while others take two or three books.

Practice is the key to fundamental success; my recommendation is to practise for a few weeks to get improved outcomes.

Please use similar speed reading strategies. If reading every line is needed, you must slow down, read, and comprehend. If you don't mind getting high-level content for these materials, you can use the 80/20 rule and SPEED-SLOW-SPEED techniques.

You can also use the text to read option, which allows you to listen at twice the speed; some pdf readers have this feature.

To read for an extended period of time, you must hone your focus and concentration. Deep breathing and meditation are two practises that you can incorporate into your daily life. Rather than reading continuously, I recommend taking frequent breaks to allow your eye muscles and brain to unwind.

To minimise sub-vocalisation, you must practise consistently for a few days. you may use one of three techniques: *

  • Listen Instrumental music
  • humming sound, or
  • Continually count from 1 to 10 while continuing to read..

Here is the quick tips to Enhance your reading speed to next level

WEEK1 of 21day challenge :
Focus on speed, Read at 3X to 4X speed (Eg: If your speed is currently 150 WPM, then read at speed 600 to 800 wpm). Don't worry about comprehension
Please note : Even if you understand 10% of what you're reading, you should be fine. Basically you are training your eyes to move faster during week1.

WEEK2 : Again focus on speed, you will naturally begin to understand the contents.

WEEK3 : Speed, Comprehension & Retention.

DONOT Skip any of the processes explained in the training module, by default, you'll achieve your reading and comprehension by end of 21-days..


I recommend that you read one book at a time. First and first, we must understand why we are reading books in order to implement the author's advice.  When reading various books, It's probable that you won't be able to use all of the helpful suggestions from various books.. So, I would advise you to read one book and put it into practise before moving on to the next.


First and foremost, please complete online training to learn “How to Remember Names and Faces.”  It's incredibly simple to employ the same technique if you're trying to recall a few names at a time. If you're trying to recall a huge number of persons and their information at the same time. You may be bewildered at first, but with continuous practise, you may quickly attain your objective of recalling vast amounts of data.

My advice is to try memorising a few names and their other information on a regular basis, gradually increase number of people. Also Try looking up someone's linked-in or Facebook profile and trying to memorise their information.

Mind Mapping

Starting with manual mind mapping is something I strongly advise you to do. Using an A3/A4 sheet and a colour pen or Cryans. When you start sketching manual mind maps, you'll feel more emotionally connected and take better action.

List of Best Mind Mapping Tools

  • MindNode (Only Mac)
  • Ayoa (Both Mac/Windows)
  • miMind (Android)
  • SimpleMind (Android & Mac)
  • mindmeister –
  • xMind –