Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
  • How to develop your reading habits
  • How to Read 1 or 2 books everyweek
  • How to improve your reading speed
  • How to remember concepts/techniques/principles from any books
  • Best Brain Fitness Strategies

Monday to Saturday @5.30am to 6.30am

6-DAY Workshop will be conducted on ZOOM

To join a Zoom meeting, you must first have Zoom installed on your device (either laptop or Mobile)

You can download zoom here

1 hour during live session, And 15 to 20 mins for assignments.

Two ways you can interact with us..

  1. We’ve 30mins Q&A sesión(6.30AM to 7AM) everyday after our live session  
  2. We’ll provide ASK Question form. If you have any other specific questions, you can post, we’ll try to answer all questions before 8pm everyday.


Yes, you’ll get recordings everyday by 10.30am, And recordings will be available to watch till end of 6th Day. However, we strongly recommend you to join LIVE session everyday @5.30. so you’ll develop the habit of getting up early.

We DONOT encourage you to shift any other batch once we start the session.

However, if you are very busy next week and couldn’t attend the session, please inform us by 8pm SUNDAY. We would add you to next batch. Please fill this form – POST HERE

We send all our communication through WhatsApp. 

Please note our WhatsApp group admins. we sends communication through these numbers

  • Dr.Manjunath(7022 703030)
  • Lakshmi Ragarao (9845466993)

Please NOTE: we DONOT encourage any personal messages, as we have large audience, we won’t be able to respond quickly.

In this 6-day workshop, we focus mainly on physical book. We recommend you to use physical book.

  • 2 Non-fiction or Story books to read.  Eg : Think & Grow Rich | Ikigai | Power of Habits
  • 1 bottle of water