Based on our discussion today, Please explore your domain books on the following websites


Any language will suffice. infact, you may wish to try your native tongue; your reading speed will be faster than English.

STEP 1 : Choose any chapter and read it for 2 minutes.
* Count number of lines you have READ
For instance, 30 lines

STEP 2. Count the words in the first or second line.
Eg : 11 words in 1st line

We usually measure reading speed in terms of words per minute (WPM); thus, if you read for 2 minutes, we need divide by two to get an average.

STEP 3. Calculate your reading Speed
* WPM = Number of lines you read X Number of words in 1st for 2nd line

For instance, 30x 11 = 330/2 = 165 wpm 

I recommend that you read a physical book. A physical book can assist you in developing stronger emotional connections. You may eventually use e-books, but I strongly advise you to begin with physical books. Additionally, it is location-dependent; if you are travelling, you can easily carry e-books, audio books, and so on.

Yes, there is a hidden secret😃…Research shows that your brain cells are most active in the early morning. Morning reading can help you easily absorb new information and remember it.

Many top successful people Read Books in the early morning.

No, Please pickup simple story books or non-fiction books to practice. Once you are comfortable with reading habits and speed reading strategy, then you can explore technical books


If you're a working professional, you can choose the correct books based on your objectives. Think about where you need to grow. Do you desire more financial security, or do you want to be promoted or recognised?

If you want to get promotion quickly in your company, first determine the roles and responsibilities of your managers (2 to 3 promotions). What is their one-of-a-kind talent or expertise? To get there, first figure out what knowledge you need right now (for example, project management, communication, leadership abilities, sales/marketing, and so on), then conduct some research and look for books on your opportunities.

If you're a business owner, you can select the appropriate books based on your company's growth. Investigate how you can improve your business, how to acquire new customers, how to increase revenue, what your current opportunities/limitations are, and which areas require additional knowledge. for instance, sales and marketing, team management, process management, and communication, then conduct research to determine the appropriate books to read.

Select books based on your interests; a few examples are provided below.

  • Cooking

  • Improve good relationship with your spouse or children

  • Parenting

  • Small home business

  • Your favourite hobby

If you're a student, consider your future goal. You want to be an engineer, a police, a doctor, a lawyer, a politician, an actress, or an entrepreneur, to name a few professions. Go ahead and do some research if you've already defined your aim. Pick up books on your area and also look into the autobiographies of successful people in your field of choice.

– Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography
– Bill Gates: Success Secrets
– Mahatma Gandhi Autobiography: The Story Of My Experiments With Truth

Skimming and scanning are reading strategies that use rapid eye movement, reading quickly to gain an overall understanding of the material.
Prepare yourself to move quickly through the pages in order to skim. You will not read every word; you will focus on only the most important elements. (eg, heading,  sub-heading, important keywords)

We will not be able to cover exam preparation strategy during read for success workshop. However, you'll be learning how read faster; retain information quickly, this will help you to prepare for your competitive exams.

Its a live session. we do not provide recordings.
Also we noticed earlier, Individuals who attend live sessions take far more action than those who do not attend live sessions. So, we strongly advise you to attend live sessions for the most effective learning. Incase if you have missed any sessions, you can join revision classes.

ANS: Both are good based on situation and interest, I,prefer printed book, also based on few study researchers found printed books are more effective than eBook, People who read physical books are more likely to take action than those who read digital books.

– Printed books are easier on the eyes.
– Emotional connection with printed books – They amplify the joy of reading.
– You absorb more information.