• Yes, you can do that, infect, it will be more effective when you read in mother tongue

ANS: Both are good based on situation and interest, I,prefer printed book, also based on few study researchers found printed books are more effective than eBook, People who read physical books are more likely to take action than those who read digital books.

– Printed books are easier on the eyes.
– Emotional connection with printed books – They amplify the joy of reading.
– You absorb more information.
– More info, please google…

Start with 2 or 3 affirmations, then you can add based on your comfort level Yes, you can add new affirmation to the previous list

Both reading and listening are OK. Basically you have to feel intensity while reading affirmation.

Do not write a large list, limit it to 8-12 lines, so you can read it easily and effectively.

Minimum 21days. Reading 21 days help you to form a new habit. However, you can continue based on your results

Minimum 21days. Reading 21 days help you to form a new habit. However, you can continue based on your results

You have to read affirmation during Alpha state. Naturally, you'll be in the alpha state just before going to sleep, and as soon as you awake-up
In addition, whether you read aloud or silently, you should read at a higher intensity

Try affirmation; you'll most likely be able to solve this problem. If it occurs frequently, you should investigate the underlying situation. This could be the result of previous experiences or future thoughts. If this is a recurring issue, you should get help from a psychologist or therapist.

ANS : Yes, if are able to manage both the topics together, you can try. But my recommendation would be One book at a time

Yes, you can read same book again. Every time you read will definitely have a new perspective

This is the mind's limit!! To address this problem, try using the Affirmation tool. And make a conscious effort to break this behaviour for a few days.

The first step is to ask yourself why you want to read books. Find your niche, your interests, and then pick up those books. You will automatically become interested in reading


Yes, comfort zone is also a big enemy. Just follow 6 step process

  • –  Define your goal (2 to 5 years plan)

  • –  Identify your learning opportunities to reach your goal

  • –  Identify right mentor (if you are aiming for a bigger goal)

  • –  By default pick-up right books based on your domain

  • Prepare active execution plan



ANS : There is no age limit, memory and reading are skill that you can develop at any age! !!! age is just a number

Affirmation is not only solution to all our reading bad habits, however, root cause for most of our problems is mind limitation. So affirmation help your to overcome mind limitation easily