My suggestion is that this requires little practice. please pick-up 25 to 30 simple words every day for few weeks and try to build visualization using Linking Visualiztion and SIPCAFEE. Later, you can quickly create any visualization.

Visualization is real, forming a mental image of something. Usually requires prior knowledge.

Imagination may not be true. Imagination does not necessarily require prior knowledge.

You must build unique visualizations so that you can easily remember multiple stories. For instance, you can remember different movies even if the same actors/actress are the same, because each movie has a unique story, scene and situation

There are many applications, you can use in many different situations like shopping list, day to day activity or To-do list etc

To recall complicated vocabulary, you must first simplify difficult terms using pictures, video form, or visualisations, and then use a similar linking mechanism to remember them effortlessly. You must explore advanced memory techniques to learn how to simplify various difficult words.

Yes, you can remember any data easily using memory concepts like
– Presentation,
– Meeting minutes,
– Business data,
– Facts and figures,
– Names and Faces,
– Daily to-do list,
– Personal data, 
– Vocabulary etc..

To remember above list of data, you need explore advanced memory concepts. I'll be sharing how to learn advanced memory dynamics on DAY5

Yes, if you adopt right memory techniques, you can remember anything fast and keep it for a longer period of time.

To recall numbers requires a deeper understanding of memory dynamics. 

According to memory strategy, you must convert the difficult data into simple picture/videos using SIPCAFEE concepts, then you can use visualisation to recall it rapidly

As this is advanced concepts, we've not included as part of Read for Success, However, on DAY5, we'll provide a high level framework .

Academic studies are different from general reading.

You have to learn advanced methods to remember academic books. In academic, you have to learn how to remember long answers, formulas, multiple-choice questions, derivations, etc. 

Because of the time constraint, we have not included in Read for Success session. if you wish to learn in-depth concepts, then you can learn advanced concepts; we'll share more details on DAY5

Try affirmation; you'll most likely be able to solve this problem. If it occurs frequently, you should investigate the underlying situation. This could be the result of previous experiences or future thoughts. If this is a recurring issue, you should get help from a psychologist or therapist.

You have to read affirmation during Alpha state. Naturally, you'll be in the alpha state just before going to sleep, and as soon as you awake-up

In addition, regardless of whether you read out loud or to yourself, you should read with a greater level of concentration and intensity.

Minimum 21days. Reading 21 days help you to form a new habit. However, you can continue based on your results