Reading Speed (WPM – Words/Min)= No of lines you READ X No of words in each line

During the first stage of speed reading practise, such as capturing groups of words, your comprehension level will naturally decrease; however, once you've completed one or two books based on your learning, your comprehension will automatically improve.

Yes, you can re-read; each time you read the same book, a new perspective will emerge. However, retry speed reading.

There is a quick process (80/20 rule) of capturing concepts while reading. we will discuss these concepts on DAY5

Stress and anxiety are natural process. However, we must learn how to manage effectively. Try various deep breathing, relaxation techniques, meditation to overcome anxiety.

Visualization is one of our natural abilities; everyone is born with it. To improve it, practise creative visualisation for a few days on a regular basis.
If you are experiencing any limitations, use affirmation to help you overcome them, as well as reading Shakti Gawain's book “Creative Visualization.”

Initially begin with two to three words at a time. Later on, you can add more words and even read an entire line in one fixation.

This is entirely natural; each person's capacity to focus differed. You must determine your ability to focus. I think your present concentrate ability is around 20 to 25 minutes. So, after every 20 minutes of reading, take a few minutes to rest before continuing.

To improve spelling, you can employ the phonetic strategies that we learned as children. Additionally, you can memorise spelling using mnemonics. Additionally, look up books about the Spell Bee competition.

Although memory declines with age, various brain fitness exercises can help improve memory. On DAY6, I'll address this subject.

If you come across any difficult words, you must first simplify them using memory dynamics in the form of a picture, video, or emotional content; then you can easily learn tough words.
At the moment, we are unable to include this subject in Read for Success; however, you can learn more in our advanced memory dynamics.

At first, you may not understand everything, but with this technique, you can almost certainly comprehend 15% to 30% of what you read. Once you're satisfied with the speed, you can focus on comprehension.

Yes, stress and depression have a direct effect on your reading speed, and mindset has an effect on everything you do. Please use affirmation to overcome any stress or depression that you may be experiencing.