Reading Speed (WPM – Words/Min)= No of lines you READ X No of words in each line

During the first stage of speed reading practise, such as capturing groups of words, your comprehension level will naturally decrease; however, once you've completed one or two books based on your learning, your comprehension will automatically improve.

At first, you may not understand everything, but with this technique, you can almost certainly comprehend 15% to 30% of what you read. Once you're satisfied with the speed, you can focus on comprehension.

Follow various tips which we discussed in our session

  1. Preview process
  2. Skimming and Scanning
  3. Create Urgency
  4. Using Meta-Guide
  5. Capture Group of words

The book preview process typically involves getting a glimpse or overview of a book before deciding to read it fully. Here's a general outline of the book preview process:

  • Connect Emotionally by touch/feel/Smell
  • Read the book cover and title: 
  • Read the book description:
  • Read the table of contents
  • Read the introduction or preface: 
  • Read sample chapters or excerpts:
  • Read reviews or recommendations: 

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