The Silva Mind Control Method

Most of us learn a lot about computers, phones, sports teams & movies.

But what about our very own brain that we will have to live with for the rest of our lives?

One such interesting thing I learned about the brain was: Altered states.

Before we talk about that concept, let me tell you the story behind this book…

It was the year 1944, Texas, and an illiterate electronics repairman Jose Silva was tired of his children flunking the school tests.

He tried hiring the top tutors, checking homework, and making them write notes.

Nothing worked.

Something must be wrong.

Jose Silva was a very spiritual man.

He had the habit of meditating regularly.

He decided to teach his kids some meditation.

Right before their study session, he would guide them into a meditative session.

And then the kids would then start studying with an ocean-like serene, meditative state of mind. 

The bright yellow report card for the next tests of his children came in…

This time not only did his kids pass all the tests but they were bringing home straight A’s.

Jose knew it must be the meditation practice.

But what if it was a coincidence?

At that point, Americans saw meditation as some hocus-pocus magical stuff from the East.

He was embarrassed to talk about this outside.

However, looking at the bright A grades on the report card of his kids – other parents wanted Jose to train their kids as well.

He did the same with them – would put them all in a meditative state before studying.

Now even this kids started coming home with improved grades.

Now Jose knew that he has discovered something.

Let me now introduce you to the concept of altered states.

The human brain operates in multiple states of frequency:

Beta – Alert, Busy, Problem Solving & Normal Awake State.

Alpha – Calm, Meditative, Relaxed, Creative.

Theta – Deep Relaxation, Sleep, Dreaming.

Delta – Deep Dreamless Sleep.

He noticed that the human brain is highly receptive in Alpha & Theta states.

Whatever they learn when in these states, ingrains deep into their mind.

That’s why the kids were able to learn much deeper than they did before.

Jose Silva also suggests using affirmations & creative visualizations in the alpha state as your subconscious mind will be highly receptive at this stage.

Jose then later used the same method to heal people’s trauma, make them more confident & live lives with less anxiety & fear.

Jose Silva developed his own methodology for meditating and going into the “alpha” state in just 3 seconds.

It would be a disservice to his method if I try to explain you his method here in this email, it’s best explained by him in his book “The Silva Mind Control Method”.

But be warned, this can be a bit confusing book for those who don’t know much about meditation.

Book Name: The Silva Mind Control Method

Author: Jose Silva

Who is this book for?:  People who are suffering from anxiety, fear & trauma.

                                     People who love meditation & would like to explore different styles of it.