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The Magic of Thinking Big

You must have heard people saying this quite many times- “You have to think big to be big”. But does this really work?

Will ‘Thinking Big’ really do any magic? And what exactly is meant by thinking BIG?

Thinking big means having no restrictions on your thinking and being able to conceive and picture what you can accomplish on an ambitious scale. It involves having an open mind, thinking positively, being innovative, and recognising opportunities in the big picture.

The majority of individuals live their lives with modest aspirations, modest objectives, and modest ways of thinking, only growing to the scale of their dreams.

But if you dream large, or what is commonly referred to as “10x” thinking, you may do great, enormous things, provided you have confidence in yourself and persist in working toward your lofty objectives.

The author gives us numerous tips on how to boost your confidence and self-belief.

The first is to consistently hone your capacity for creative thought. Instead of just memorising information, which will only be useful in specific circumstances, use your creativity to find solutions to whatever problems you encounter.

Here’s what the author suggests:

If you can, always learn something new.

Every day, ask yourself, “How can I improve today?”

Be willing to try new things at all times.

This book's final point is that the only thing that separates successful individuals from average people is their self-belief and confidence, which enables them to persevere for long enough to find success.

Book name: The Magic of Thinking Big

Author: David Swatrz