The Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning

You will never wake up as the same person ever again – once you read this book.

My mornings have become a lot more productive, energetic & positive thanks to this book.

The big idea of this book is simple: How you spend the first hour of the day determines the rest of your day.

If you spend the first hour of your day snoozing your alarm, checking your phone, scrolling through your feed & then anxiously getting ready for work….

I have some bad news: You are never going to quite achieve much through out the day.

The author asks to make personal development a non-negotiable habit.

Just like how personal finance books emphaisze on paying yourself first this author says the first hour of your day should be for yourself.

It’s for your own growth & development.

Here is what you got to do in the first hour of your waking:

  1. Silence – Meditate for the first 10 minutes
  2. Affirmations – Affirm your goals for the second 10 minutes
  3. Visualization – Visualise your goals for the third 10 minutes
  4. Excercise – Get your body moving & blood flowing for the  fourth 10 minutes
  5. Read – Read some good books for the Fifth 10 minutes.
  6. Scribe – Write your tasks for the day & a few reflections for the final 10 minutes.

Total time taken = 60 minutes.

Congrats – you are an unstoppable machine now.

Do this for 30 straight days & you’ll know how every area of your life start to tick in the right direction.

Book Name –  The Miracle Morning Routine

Author Name –  Hal Elrod

Who is This Book For –  For those whose morning are filled with anxiety & want to feel more positive.