The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari


What if I told you an Americal Psychologist named Carol Dweck has boiled down success to a simple 3 letter word formula?

Those who know how to use this simple 3 letter word succeed in everything they touch, while others are still stuck.

Before I share with you what exactly this strange 3 letter word is let me share an interesting story…

Who are the people that come to your mind when I ask you to think of successful & intelligent people?

Thomas Edison? Albert Einstein? Bill Gates? Picasso?

Thomas Edison – was kicked out of school for being “mentally deficient”.

Albert Einstein – He failed polytechnic school in Zurich

Bill Gates – would sleep in class and never graduated college.

Picasso – Struggled and was an “average” painter in his early days.

Ironically most of us had a much better start in our lives yet these men got to outperform us.

The author of this book Carol Dweck says that there are two kinds of people.

One with a growth mindset & the other with a fixed mindset.

The ones with a growth mindset believe that with effort, perseverance & drive you can develop any quality.

Just like those people we saw in the above example.

They also use this magical 3 letter word – YET.

“I’ve not mastered this skill yet

“I’ve not learned this fully yet

“I’ve not fully developed my learning abilities yet

“I’ve not discovered the element that should be in the light bulb yet

On the contrary, the people with a fixed mindset believe that your skills & abilities are set in stone and fixed.

“Maybe school is not for me”

“I suck at making money”

“I always choose the wrong partner”

“I’m an introvert & bad at talking to people”

Just imagine what would have happened to the world if Thomas Edison actually taught

Maybe I should stop fooling myself with this science thing and try to play football instead…

The whole world would be dark and maybe you wouldn’t be reading this email right now.

So take notes from these great people…

As long as you believe that your success depends on your perseverance, drive & effort nothing can stop you no matter how bad you are right now.

You just haven’t gotten there YET

Book Name: Mindset

Author Name: Carlos Dweck

Who is this for This book is for anyone who feels they are not good enough in their line of work or for someone who wants to try something new but is afraid that they may embarrass themselves as they are bad at it.