Neural Pathways

Make or Break Your Habits

Develop Neural Pathways

 Our brain creates or modify neutron connection based on our habits, goals, desires and behaviour. Our nervous system controls our body through neural pathways.

On regular basis, we train our brain to create a new pathway, if you repeat any actions over and over again until it is defined in the brain as a new pathway. Then it becomes part of our brain.

For Example. Pathways involved in enhancing your memory can be improved through multiple repetitions.

As per the research it takes 21 to 90 days to make or break a habit, again it depends on how strong we train our brain to create new neural connections

Some habits/behaviours like learning skill swimming, skating, driving a car is an example of new neural pathways formed.

To be successful in your personal and professional journey, you need to train your brain and develop right neural pathways.

How to use this method to create new habits or Break bad habits 

  • Identify new habits/behaviour you need to develop

  • Break it into smaller piece if its big

  • Practice every day until it became part of your brain, it may take 21 to 90 days achieve desired results

  • Add some fun elements

  • Get enough quality sleep, you brain needs good sleep to reset brain connection.

  • Reduce stress

Please comments below, good habits you need to develop OR break some bad habit

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