Are you Left or Right-brained? How it works.

The Brain is nothing but an expert technology that controls each and every thought, memory, emotion, the relation of touch, motor skills, vision basically every process that helps with the regulation of the body.

For those who don't know right and left both sides of the brain function differently with thinking. A person who uses left-brained is often said to be more logical, verbal, and successive because these people are often very systematic with their work.

Right-brained people are more relational, emotional, imaginative, and adventuristic in nature. They have a subjective approach to everything.


The person with a left brain prefers planning things. Making to-do lists and getting things in a systematic manner is what they prefer. They believe that time is very critical and planning things accordingly will save their time and energy. These people love reading books and prefer reading by sitting in a proper position and with a good learning mindset.

Right-brained people are often spontaneous they are unpredictable and don't really belives in planning things. You can say that these kinds of people are slightly disorganized if compared with left-brained people. They are not much into reading but if they do they read by lying down.


If any tough situation comes in front of left-brained people they don't make decisions right away. This person takes time to analyze the situation with a rational approach and then makes the decision. Even while making it their feelings never come in between tough decisions.

As we understood, Right-brained people are considered to be emotional. They takes decisions based on the way they feel about certain situations. Their behavior tends to be unpredictable with emotion-based decisions.


The choice of career varies between a left-brained and a right-brained person.

The person with Left-brained is more logical and believes in hard work. Their skills include being great with tactics in mathematics or science. They are often very deep researchers and belives in theoretical knowledge. Their ideas also include sequencing and in-depth research.

Creativity is the best skill that is seen in a person with the right brain. They are born with artistic skills and are creative in nature. Sports, writing fiction, drawing, or playing music is their hobbies and even their profession.


Both left and right-brained people like reading but even choices of books between these two differentiate. A person with a left-brain likes to read books based on reality which will help with their research and knowledge. And even their writing style is preferably non-fictional as they include a realistic approach in their stories.

A right-brained person is seen to be imaginative therefore these people love fictional books because it helps with their imagination. This crowd prefers unexpected things and doesn't like reading directions. Imagination and emotion is involved while reading by these people.


Everyone loves music it helps with calming down the mind or rather changing your mood. But even right and left-brained people have different music choices as well. As we saw the left side people are very serious people and are always heavy-headed they prefer classical music. Which beats help their mind calm down and focus on things better.

Comparatively, if you ask right-brained people love rock music. This music adds different energies to their mind and they even focus better with loud music it helps them with their creative work. For eg. these are the people who prefer studying while keeping the television and music on.


Left-brained people are often very manageable people as they prefer managing things systematically. And as they love to read and study in bulk they prefer dividing their work into parts. And these people set their daily goals to finish off their work in a more effective manner.

Right-brained people often lack management they prefer going along with their intuition and working accordingly. These people don't divide their work rather they look at things as a whole. And tries to finish it off without parting it in days.


A left-brained person is a kind of straightforward person. Who talks reality and logically. Who speaks point to point and in a direct way rather than caring about someone’s emotion.

A right-brained person is an emotional person himself who cares about others. And try their best to understand the feelings and emotions of the person next to them. They are kind and empathetic. Therefore they use an indirect way of talking.

So, after reading tell us in a comment who do you think you are? Right-Brained or Left-brained? I am Dr. Manjunath, a mind performance coach and an expert in brain science. I invite you all to join us in my program “Read for Success” to get together to open your horizons to recognize more opportunities. For further details contact us at

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