Boost your feel good hormones !!

Learn how can you improve your brain health with laughter?

Oftentimes, the simplest things in the world hold the deepest meaning. Be it having an apple a day to keep the doctor away or spreading laughter to not only keep yourself healthy but to keep everyone around you happy. As basic or simple as it sounds, laughter is truly the best medicine.

It is an all-rounder when it comes to health benefits. Whether it is laughing at a random joke from a sitcom or recollecting memories with your old friends, there’s so much that a ha-ha moment can bring. Scientists have suggested that laughter has positive benefits psychologically, physiologically, and emotionally.

How is laughter related to the brain?

First, let me break down how laughter involves your brain in a step by step process:-

  1. You hear something funny, and your brain analyses the joke through the left side of the cerebral cortex
  2. Next, the large frontal lobe and the limbic system activate that produce nuanced emotions
  3. The right side of the cortex triggers a laughter
  4. Then, your brain sends brainwaves to the sensory areas
  5. Later, you physically execute the laughter triggered through the brain

Yes, every reaction that you give has an anatomical explanation. The ability to laugh easily is a tremendous resource for improving your day-to-day life.

What are the benefits of laughter?

There are various ways in which laughter benefits individuals and also social groups. 

You must have heard about laughter therapy where people gather in groups to laugh together as a form of exercise. Read ahead as I tell you how laughter profits us:-

1. Laugh well, feel good

Have you ever been told “Give me a smile?” when you were feeling low or unhappy? I’m sure most of you have. When we were young, our mothers used to tell us to smile every time we were faced with the smallest but most difficult situations. When you discuss a bad situation with a friend or are upset about something, he/she tells you a good joke so you can laugh and feel better. It all has a deep meaning behind it.

Laughter triggers the “happy hormones” or endorphins that are our body’s feel-good chemicals. It helps you in feeling better, relieves you from pain temporarily and endorphins are directly responsible for promoting an overall sense of well-being.

2. Anti-depressant

If you’re genuinely happy on a regular basis and enjoy a good laugh every once in a while, it can help in stress relief. Stress and anxiety have become rather common these days and there’s nothing to hide or be ashamed about. If you’re facing high amounts of stress, I would suggest dialing it back and relaxing for a while.

Some studies suggest that laughter has effects similar to antidepressants. Most antidepressant pills activate the release of serotonin, a chemical that contributes to a person’s happiness and well being. Laughing balances and stabilizes the follow of stress hormones. It may have temporary effects, but practicing laughter therapy regularly can improve your brain health gradually.

3. Stay motivated

I’ve always stated that internal motivation is the best sense of motivation. Scientifically speaking, laughter produces Dopamine, commonly known as the “reward hormone”. The Dopamine hormone is responsible for regulating the mood and it helps you stay motivated.

If you’re having a stressful or busy day at work, take a little break to socialize with your co-workers and laugh it off. The reward hormone will stimulate a better sense of motivation which in turn will help you perform your future tasks in a better way.

4. Better the brain health, better the body’s health

There are innumerous health benefits that come along with having a chuckle. Having a burst of good laughter can help you breathe better by increasing oxygen consumption in your body. Not only the respiratory system but the cardiovascular system also by improving blood flow in the body. Health researchers suggest that laughter promotes reduced artery inflammation and increases the production of good cholesterol.

In times when life can feel so serious, we must take a break and enjoy the uncomplicated and simplest way to keep your brain healthy. I’m Manjunath, your Mind Performance Coach and throughout my training programs, I have made sure to promote relaxation in order to learn more and perform effectively in life.

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