Daily Habits Holding you back from maximum mind performance

Your mind is an ocean of limitless possibilities. We’re all born with the capability to do something extraordinary in life. Yet, there are very few great leaders who excel in their fields and create a change in the world. Oftentimes, what makes you different is not how sharp your brain is or how high your IQ is but how you live your daily life.

It’s very effortless to form bad habits. However, creating good habits takes a very long time. Waking up each day to a mundane life can only be changed if you improve your lifestyle. You will find a lot of advice on the internet and through people who you meet daily but knowing what you’re doing wrong is a step of self-awareness.
What are some of the daily habits that you didn’t know were holding you back from achieving the maximum? Read ahead to find out.

1. Overloading the unnecessary

What is the first thing that you do in the morning? I’m sure most of you check your phones as soon as you wake up or think about how late you are or what to cook or what to wear in the day. Each day, we use up our mind’s capacity before going to sleep, and when we wake up, we are supercharged with cognitive abilities.

Have you thought about how your brain will be affected if you choose to use up all your abilities right in the morning as soon as you wake up? Social media is a toxic platform, not just for your brain but also for your future abilities and if you have a habit of scrolling thinking it is effortless, you’re still at risk.

2. One brain, multiple tasks

Overburdened with a lot of tasks at hand and having less time in hand? You might think that multitasking will help you achieve more quicker but it gradually reduces your mind’s performance.

The reason behind this is that you don’t have your mind in one place which leads to reduced focus and concentration on one task. So, you get tired easily and end up achieving lesser than you initially thought too.

The best way to get the maximum output is to create a task list and prioritize accordingly. In this way, you will also receive a sense of achievement and motivation every single time you tick something off the list.

3. Not taking care of your physical health

Performing well in life has a lot to do with your physical health. The way your mind gets sharper through brain puzzles and activities, your body needs to stay fit in the same way.

Researchers suggest that people who exercise regularly and stay fit achieve better in life. Exercising or having a regular physical fitness routine helps your brain release hormones that not only relax your mind but also improve your concentration. It oxygenates your brain in turn sharpening your memory power as well.

4. Stuck with the negatives

Imagine that you are creating and thinking about ideas for your own startup. When you think you have finally cracked the most innovative idea, you go and ask your peers how they feel about the idea. Most of them encourage you and appreciate your ideas but one of them tells you that it’s not worth it. Further, while you go home, you’ll just think about what you did wrong and what could you have done better.

Well, just like this, it is very easy to feed on the negative aspect of any situation. Fear is good till the point it conquers your brain. When you think too much about the negatives, you go in a downward spiral, and it is hard to come back up. What can you do in this case? Look for the bright side, or a silver lining if you will. The more optimistic you are, the better your mind thinks.

What do you think about this? We’re not perfect but we can train our minds to be incomparable. I’m Manjunath, your mind performance coach and I have trained many entrepreneurs, students and even professionals to think better and get clarity in their lives.

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