How to start New year- Powerful habits

A New Year Always Brings Renewed Energy

The arrival of a new year means the arrival of renewed zest!

As we humans step from 2020 to 2021 this year, the energy within us pops up like a spring. Each year we are given a chance to tap into our own potential and extract the best out of it. However, due to some known unknown reason, we get amused by distractions and leave our resolutions mid-way.

This year, let’s train our brain like an expert in brain science and develop habits that will serve us as an advantage in the future.

Few Suggested Habits You Can Start This New Year

Read Books

A burgeoning body of research attests that reading regularly increases brain connectivity, notably in the somatosensory cortex. Moreover, reading not only increases your vocabulary but can also significantly decline stress levels in your brain.

If you plan to visit the best speed reading trainer in town, you’ll be advised to read at least one book a week for the purpose of brain development. This year make reading one book a week your target, for further knowledge join our workshop today!

Learn New Skill

Modify your typical routine, it’s time to learn something new! Your brain requires a fissure and the elitist way of doing it is by learning a new skill.

We have an innate desire to endlessly learn and grow, this desire tends to hide behind the curtains when distractions step in. For this reason, it is crucial that we yield land for improvement and train our brain like an expert in brain science.

Increase Quality Time With Your Family

Most of us admit that our family is our  priority, yet we drift ourselves away from them. With having a lot on our plate in the form of responsibilities, we have reduced the amount of time we spend with them regularly. New year always gives us a chance to right the wrong doing, why not right this?

Make a resolution to spend a considerable amount of time with your family, make sure to make good memories!

Here are few tips with which you can start with
  • Be present in the moment and don’t let work get in middle of your family time
  • Sometimes simplicity is the best way to meet and greet. It is not necessary to party or dine in a fancy restaurant, house meetings can also be fun and can create great moments.
  • Show interest and truly enjoy! There is no point forcing yourself to meet your family in the name of a resolution. Truly enjoy and be proactive, this makes it double the fun!

Reduce The Usage Of Social Media

Hasn’t social media taken over our lives? Do you sometimes feel that you addictive to scrolling through your instagram or snapchat feed?

Well don’t panic, that’s common. However, the commonality of this does not make it a healthy lifestyle practice. Social media not only hijacks your precious time but also makes your brain tired, this does not allow your brain to operate with full potential for the remaining day. Studies have also confirmed that social media is addictive to approxiematley 210 million people in the entire world. Therefore, decreasing the usage of social media is highly recommended.

Learn How To Manage Your Brain

Once you start taking action in life, A human brain works non-stop, hence managing how it functions is atmost important. If you want to create a life like you imagined, you’ll have to learn how to manage your brain.

Some ways to manage your brain

  • Always be aware and prepared
  • Remember that fear is illogical
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Do a reality check every month

There is no perfect time take initiative, however, on new year the renewed zest in us motivates us constantly to do better. Towards the path of success one should keep in mind that personal awareness, human potential and inner peace should be an individual's priority. The above suggested habits will ensure that you move towards a healthy life path comprising of all of these three elements.

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