Why New Year Resolutions Fail

No, you are not the only one who has made new year resolutions this 2021. Millions of people were probably writing down their resolutions even before this year had started, however, a section of them was also hoping that they would not forget about them in the middle of the year.

Your determination towards your resolutions need to be constant, but it is completely common to get distracted. If you are one of the many people who always struggle to follow their new year resolutions then you are at the right place.

Over the years, I have realized that settings resolutions are easy but following them for the next 365 days can be really tricky. Life tests you with various distractions, and most of us fall for them. There are certain things that you are doing wrong, and hence you are failing to keep up with your resolutions.

1. Being Low On Your Determination

You might have a strong sense of belief about somethings, and still, you end up doing the exact opposite of it. Similarly, when you have a resolution you tend to not follow it. These things happen when you cannot resist the urge to do the things you have already decided, this is called being low on your determination. Many Experts in brain science have concluded that determination is the key to success, so always focus! In case you feel that you aren’t as determined as before, then you must recall the very reason for setting up this resolution. 

2. Unrealistic Goals

Setting goals is extremely important, however, thinking them through is even more crucial. Individuals tend to set goals for their personal growth, but after a while, they see them not completing them. One of the reasons is that he/she is setting goals that are not possible, for example, deciding to lose 50 pounds in 1 day. Logically speaking this goal isn’t realistic, therefor ask yourself honestly if these are realistic or not. So, think your resolutions through before setting them and achieve them easily!

3. Lack of Planning

This is one of the most common mistakes that everyone has done at least once in their lifetime. We set our resolutions without planning the future course of action that will ultimately lead us to our goal.

I vividly remember setting a goal in my teenage that required me to read at least two books per month apart from my syllabus, but as I started to execute this goal, I realized that I did not have a proper schedule to fulfill this goal. It was at that moment when I realized that planning and reflecting are two major things that we should do while setting resolutions.

4. A Critical Mindset

As adults, we have become impatient and want to have everything at the exact moment as planned. Being ambitious is a great quality, however, the urgent need for everything to happen needs to stop. Sometimes we become extremely critical and end up sabotaging our own resolutions. If your resolution this year is to boost your sales to 200%, then you must give it some time to happen.

Remember, a resolution is just not set for one or two months, but for an entire year. Give it time to show results, don’t let your critical mind tell you to stop in between. There is one quality in all successful people across the globe, they do not let their critical mind come in between when they are aiming for something. This is because they wouldn’t have been at their designation if they had given up in mid of the way.

If you ask me I would tell you that anything is possible with the right approach. A firm believer in brain training would know that our brain is the solution to all our problems. Mastering the art of brain training requires time and professional guidance. There are many individuals who are making mistakes while setting their resolutions for the year, but I am here to help.

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4 thoughts on “Why New Year Resolutions Fail”

  1. This is true that whatever the education and position and achievements you have you need some brain coaching with a dedicated mentor for higher goal achievements. The scope for further development is always possible.

  2. I am very much open for self development consistently.I am very happy to attend the six days read for success webinar and now trying to implement in my life.

  3. I read the whole blog and it was so true and relatable… It was very useful to understand where we actually lack while following and keeping up with the resolutions we have made.. Thanks sir for such a informative blog… I hope I would be able to follow my realistic goals and resolutions till this year ends.

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