How To Overcome Reading Laziness

Have you ever just wished to stop and do something else while reading? Have you ever started to wonder about the movie or cricket  while reading? Does the sound of your phone ringing make you forget on which page number you were? Are you still thinking about what to eat while reading this passage?

If yes, then you are a distracted reader, as most of us!

Well, let’s first break your bubble of being a ‘multi-tasker’. A multi-tasker is a person who does a variety of work simultaneously with efficiency. According to the best speed reading trainers you are just doing the work, however, the efficiency is just not there! When it comes to reading, it is necessary that you are able to understand every word of it, this type of efficiency cannot come while you are ‘multi-tasking’.

Whatever term you would like to associate yourself with, the right way to think about it is that you cannot overcome your reading laziness. Reading laziness is faced by most of us and has been looked over for years, but in today’s time, it is crucial that you train your mind by reading. However, the inability of reading and gaining knowledge due to lack of concentration can come in the way of training your mind. Don’t worry, there is a solution to every fix. The mentioned below are the hacks to eliminate reading laziness quickly!

1. Avoid All Sorts Of Visual Distraction

Visual distractions such as television, mobile phone, tablet, etc tend to take your focus off from the ongoing reading task. Nowadays technological gadgets have made people restrict their activities, this might be the reason for the development of unwillingness to read. The environment so formed by these visual distractions makes you want to indulge in activities that aren’t fruitful. Try to avoid all sorts of visual distractions, and the best way to do it is by sitting in a room where gadgets are not present.

2. Don’t Read While You Are Tiered

One of the main reasons for feeling like you cannot carry forward your reading spree is because your body requires rest. Every individual has a capacity of their own, exceeding that capacity does no good. Nevertheless, Efficiency can only come when you are putting in the required energy. Now, many among you might be wondering that reading requires no physical energy usage, then how does it impact us that much? Well, our brain works throughout the day, hence, the brain might slow down while you are tired. Therefore, you must ensure that you are relaxed and calm when you plan to read.

3. Read In Silence

You cannot expect anyone to read in a crowded room unless there is pin-drop silence. Reading in silence lets your mind focus on only reading, thoughts about various sounds don’t cross your mind. Many people try to read in cafes, but I would suggest you choose a place with zero distractions. Places like libraries, isolated rooms, etc may be the best places to build concentration. Additionally, reading in silence relaxes your body and makes you read with utmost interest.

4. Don’t Get Too Comfortable

While everyone tells you to relax and read, I’m guessing that you might have made yourself excessively comfortable with this thought. Getting comfortable on your spot is totally alright, though it shouldn’t be to an extent that makes you want to take a nap. Since reading can be a time taking process, hence it is suggested that you choose a comfortable spot to sit so that while reading you do not get involved in changing places, since it will break your flow of reading. Many have misunderstood the same and as a result, they tend to doze off while reading.

These tips and tricks will help you pull through the circle of reading laziness. Studies have confirmed that reading laziness is common, the same is faced by thousands of people across the world. Yet no one tries to find a solution to this problem. But we are here to help you with the same, don’t worry! I am Dr. Manjunath, one of the best speed reading trainer, and I would like to invite you to my program to excel in the field of reading!

I am Dr. Manjunath, Coach – Brain Enhancement Strategy, and I would like to invite you to my program to excel in the field of brain training.  upcoming training programs.

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