Why do we need to read books?

“Books are the key to knowledge for mankind.” Yes, there is a lot of truth in that statement but as it turns out, books don’t just impart heavy and useful knowledge. Reading books mean much more; it’s no secret that they have incomparable benefits. According to a recent survey, readership has sincerely reduced in the past years. In fact, 20% of today’s generation claims to have read only a part of a book in a year. Famous Quote “Reading is to the mind what exercise to the body.”
Are you wondering why you should make reading your priority for the coming time? Read ahead to find out.

✅ Food for thought... And brain

It comes as no surprise that having good books to read helps a person improve his/her cognitive abilities. Scientists have researched with various avid readers on how reading books affected their brains. It is suggested that reading provides valuable exercise to people’s brains which in turn is responsible for sharper minds. There is a true reason why you would find a book in the hand of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world at all times. Reading opens up a wide spectrum of possibilities. Just like any other part of the body, our brain also requires exercise to stay fit and get healthier over time.

✅ Be a better problem-solver

If you’re a fan of mystery or thriller novels, there are chances that you’re a much better problem solver than someone who does not read much. When you read a mystery, you will keep figuring out who the criminal is that started this long case. This makes you read more, be more attentive to details, remember more of the details, and finally even solve a case by joining the bits and pieces. Well, not just mystery books, any book that keeps your mind going, makes you think more, resonate more is what sharpens and brightens your mind. Who knows, you might even solve the problem of the downfall of business next, or help someone figure it out as well.

✅ Bye-Bye Stress

In today’s times, stress is not a new issue for people. We all face it in some form or the other – be it from work, from relationships, or any other aspect in life. Good books act as your sweet escape, a place you can jump into and call yours when you are not feeling okay with your regular life. You will be lost in a story and forget your worries, even if it is for a short while, and help you relax as well as de-stress. Take a break from your busy everyday life, sip a cup of coffee, and read a good book instead of using your phone and scrolling through multiple social media websites. A huge number of researchers have suggested that constant use of social apps and websites may lead to stress, sometimes irreparable. “We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too.” Taking care of oneself is of utmost importance, especially in the challenging times of today.

✅ Enhanced knowledge & skills

Imagine that you read a new book every month, it imparts knowledge of some sort to you regardless of the genre you’re reading. Now compare yourself to a person who doesn’t read much, has a similar schedular every day, and does not take out time to read or expand knowledge. Yes, you got it right. The first person will definitely be more learned. Not just knowledge, there are various skills associated with reading good books. First, they improve your memory remarkably. Your mind understands the importance of remembering the details from the beginning to the end to comprehend a book. Second, your vocabulary. You are made aware of new terms, words, and phrases that you may have never heard of before. The more you read, the more you’ll grasp new words.

✅ Improved focus

Consider the number of things your mind is diverted to in a 30 minutes time span. You think about your pending tasks, check on social media, talk to a loved one or colleague or think about what you’ll have for dinner today. Your mind is free to wander when it’s not focused on one particular thing. But, when you’re reading, you’re focused on a single thing. Yes, it’s true that the mind wanders while reading but gradually it improves the focus of a person. Reading is closely related to improved focus and concentration. And considering the reducing attention span of an average human being, reading does have its perks.
There’s a reason why I always say that “Readers are leaders.”. When you read more, you think better, you know more, you have more control over your emotions and also have better emotional intelligence. All of this is a plus for the leaders of tomorrow.
What are your thoughts about reading books? Are you an avid reader? What are your favorite books? Let me know your thoughts.
I’m Dr. Manjunath, your mind performance coach. If you’re someone who likes to read and are not finding the time to read as much as you’d want, I can help you.

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