Morning Habits to Increase Health and Memory

The world runs on pervasive myths, one of them is that we humans are entitled to an extraordinary life. Starting from a blissful family to a successful career, we want to have everything our own way. That’s exactly how we have been doing things, right?

Similarly, some thoughts have been cemented in us by the very beginning of our life. We ought to believe that somewhere, someone, somehow is responsible on our behalf.

But the real truth is that the only person responsible for the quality of life you live is you.

Brain Training - Key to the Door of Success

If you wish to be successful, you better take 100% responsibility for your actions. This includes how you alter your habits to bring out the best in you. Researchers agree that morning habits not only play a vital role in altering your personality for the best, but they also have amazing benefits for your health and memory.

Most of us have been conditioned not to train our brain, however, it is essential that the brain is set into motion. The more it is trained, the higher is your memory retention power. Hence, more is the probability of you being successful. In fact, a lot of successful people have brain trained themselves by hiring personnel that has been certified as the ‘expert in brain science’ or as the ‘best memory coach’.

Optimize the Morning Schedule

If you wish to devise the life of your dreams, you better take action. The first action that you must take is to develop some productive morning habits. Habits are open to development, building of such habits may decide your entire course of action for the day. Hence, Nothing less productive should be done in the morning.

1. Make Your Bed

You might not realize that your bedroom brings changes in your lifestyle that reform how you think and how you approach a given situation. Nevertheless, a cleaned bed gives you a relaxed and calm vibe.

2. Read Affirmations

You wouldn't possibly know of this fact – Studies have confirmed that neurotransmitters like serotonin go on a natural 24-hour dip at around 3 p.m. This is when whatever you do in the morning can make a great impact, so why not get motivated for the entire day?

Hence, it’s encouraging to read affirmations first thing in the morning, it is also likely to be more motivational since your brain is fresh. That’s when the brain energy is at its highest, so make sure you are taking full advantage.

3. Read Books

#1 habit that is common among literally all self-made millionaires is READING.. They READ A LOT 


Simple and powerful strategy to improve your personal and professional life is READING.
Reading in the morning helps in retain more information as your mind is most active in the morning. When you read in the morning helps in developing habit over a period of time and it becomes a part of your personal morning routine.
Books help to feel more confident, Books stimulate creativity, Books increase your attention span, Books bring about a ‘personality change', Books provide mental and physical relaxation, Books help in achieving ‘life goals'…AND MANY MORE.

So what you read early morning is retained in your memory, improve focus and concentration

4. Drink Warm Water

Drinking warm water in the morning helps one to digest easily, it is also the best possible way to cure acidity, bloating, and gas-related issues. Additionally, having warm water improves blood circulation and slows down aging. What more does one want?

There are endless benefits of drinking warm water, the best thing one can do is to make it a morning habit!

5. Exercise

A routine is essential to follow. Working out at the same time helps your brain regulate the circadian rhythm, preparing your brain for high performance and reducing junk food cravings. Moreover, exercise boosts our thinking skills, increasing our retention power gradually.

Pro tip- Refrain from having junk food, it slows down your mental performance and also makes one lethargic. Have more nuts, protein, and calcium.

6. Meditate - Relax Your Brain Muscles

Meditation is the best way to relax, the world agrees with it.

Having a good morning includes that your mind is at peace, relax for a while, and calm down. While meditating ensure you clear your head from unnecessary thoughts and ideas. Successful people have been meditating and clearing their conscience, this allows them to focus on the present. This allows your mind to be healthy and proactive.

7. Deep Breathing

Inhale, Exhale!

One should only think of this amazing technique as a miracle. Deep breathing has helped patients with anxiety, stress, and pain-related issues. It has acted as natural medicine, however, there are many who do not have this included in their daily routine. Including this practice will not only calm you down but also increases your energy levels at the same time. This is possible only because of the increased blood flow in your body as a result of deep breathing. Isn’t it amazing? One solution to all the problems.

All of the above-mentioned tasks not only pushes you towards a healthy lifestyle but also allows your brain to retain more!

Unfortunately, these tips do not ensure success. However, it ensures that you are following the right approach to building a successful future. Begin by utilizing the time in the morning more strategically, thereafter, make your entire day productive.

I’m Dr. Manjunath, an expert in brain science. These are a few tips that have helped several entrepreneurs, professionals, and even students to get what they have desired. Mind performance is not just science, but also an art through which one can gain success in any field. Over the years many people have gained clarity in their lives through my training programs.

Get in touch with me to know more about my upcoming training programs.

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  1. Thank you Sir, I am following this, go to sleep at 10:30 wake up at 4.00 from past 7 months, while preparing for my promotion exams in bank..exam overs, result awaited, somehow my mind has started thinking, what will you do from 4 to 7:30 before getting ready to office and leaving for office at 7:30. Please guide


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