The Best Way to Overcome Procrastination

Have you ever studied just one day before the exam, hoping that you are able to finish the syllabus in time and wishing you hadn’t delayed the tasks for long?

Did something distract you before? Or were you procrastinating?

Let’s dive deeper into the concept and understand what is the exact meaning of procrastination.

Productivity is called to be the antithesis of procrastination, yet we still tend to continue to delay our actions. This not only slows down the speed of achieving your goals but additionally contributes to sabotaging your dreams. If you face the same issue in your life, you should either seek help from the best brain fitness coach or should gradually start to try the below-mentioned solutions to break the cycle of procrastination.

Procrastination - The Reason Beneath

The most common question is that ‘why do we procrastinate?’

Well, the basic answer to this question is that procrastination is a practice that one tends to regularly follow, many do not even realize the fact that they have been sabotaging their future with this habit.

There are mainly three reasons for procrastination, let’s have a look at them.

1. No proper goal

Concrete goals keep you focused and determined than abstract and vague goals. A person who has a concrete goal will always be motivated to finish his/her tasks on time so that other tasks can be completed to achieve the main goal. Moreover, a vague goal has no specific agenda hence the task that needs to be performed in order to achieve the goal is postponed.

2. Lack of Responsibility

You become responsible when you take accountability on behalf of your actions. When you lack a sense of responsibility, you do tend to delay required tasks. The best brain coach in India says that there exists a  direct relationship between procrastination and moral responsibility.

3. Less Motivated

A student may tend to procrastinate when he is assigned a task of a subject that is not his major. Similarly, adults may tend to procrastinate when there is no incentive, causing a lack of motivation.

Aim At Breaking The Process of Procrastination

It’s essential to break the addictive cycle of procrastination for the betterment of life. However, many people believe that certain changes when made in our thought process can help us come out of this toxic problem speedily. Our mind is built in a territory that can easily be controlled, however, not everyone is able to master the art of mental training.

The training of the mind is essential for augmentation, let’s find out a way to stop procrastination through the process of mind coaching.

1. Remind yourself of bigger goals

You are definitely procrastinating if you are filling your day with tasks that are the least of your priority. Bigger goals give an individual a purpose to complete small tasks quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the feeling of achievement of a bigger goal will motivate you from within.

Why wait? Set a bigger goal and get started!

2. Ask your “why”

I’m sure that while you’re reading this, you are probably imagining yourself go up the right path. But Stop!

Take a pause and ask yourself why do you need these solutions? Why do you tend to procrastinate? The answers to these questions will not only make you realize the real issue but will also take you a step closer to know yourself better. The reason behind your habit of procrastinating might be a lack of interest, bad organizing skills, perfectionism, etc.

You must dive deeper to remove this problem from its roots!

3. Done is better than perfect

Getting a job ‘perfectly’ done or doing it ‘perfectly’ is what you might want. This might make you overly stringent and demanding, further, this delays the completion of your tasks since you’re still trying to find a way to make it perfect. Abate the urge to complete a task perfectly, instead, focus on just completing the task. This might take a while, but I’m sure you’ll be able to control the perfectionist inside you eventually!

4. Pick your passion

Procrastination is not always a result of being less responsible or being a bad organizer, sometimes it is a result of not doing a task due to lack of interest. When we tend to complete tasks that do not interest us, we tend to delay the act of completing it. You enjoy doing a task when it is around your passion area. For example – If your passion is drawing, you might be least interested in doing a science assignment. Hence, it is important to find your passion before you select your tasks.

5. Be in the action mode

You cannot break the procrastination cycle if you’re continuously relaxing. Sometimes we need a kick start in order to get in form and complete the given task, in such cases one should take control and make a ‘To-Do List’. Once you’ve made the list, start completing the tasks one by one, and don’t seek unnecessary breaks just for pleasure. So, Get up and switch to your action mode!

I’m Dr. Manjunath, Brain Performance Coach. These are a few tips that have helped several entrepreneurs, professionals, and even students to overcome and break the vicious cycle of procrastination. Mastering the mind can be tough, however, with the right guidance, anything is possible. Over the years, many individuals have gained clarity in their lives through my training programs.

Get in touch with me to know more about my upcoming training programs.

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  1. Hi Manjunath Sir,

    This is Sanjiv Reddy, i was joined 2years club in the month of September’20. Yet complete the 21 days course..
    5times i was dropped in middle, due to unfortunate reasons.

    Could suggest is there any idea to complete it without middle drop.

  2. Thank you Sir, I have problem of doing others work on priority basis and leaving my priority aside, thinking it will be taken care of..I have to have a bigger goal, but somehow I an not able to foresee it, I mean some inner drive, incentive is missing…….

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