Is Social Media Good for You?

Overconsumption of anything is never good. Be it food, thoughts, or social media. 

Today, in this digital era, it wouldn't be fair to say social media is bad for your mental health. 91% of people today are actively using social media. It has become a part of our lifestyle. 

Over 70% of people check their social media just after waking up. In fact, people check social media if they wake up at midnight. If you or someone around you do that – STOP! 

Yes, you need to stop right here.

The practice is known as social media addiction. And addiction is not healthy for the human brain. 

Next comes the content. Even if you use social media a lot – it depends on the content you consume whether it is good for you or bad for you. 

However, do not let social media fool you. Not everybody is doing what they are showing off on social media.

Defining Social Media

Social media is a place where people from anywhere in the world can connect with each other. People post pictures, videos, articles, and whatnot. They chit-chat, become friends, and even get married after meeting in real-time.

Social media is a powerful tool to spread information and connect people.

Many times it becomes a platform for spreading rumors and creating controversy.

Are social media good or bad?

Before answering, let me just tell you – there is no correct answer.

  • Statement 1: Social Media is Not Good for You!

Yes, you read it right.

Apart from all the pros, social media is not good for you, if,
You are using it for time-pass. You are wasting your time on it.
You believe in rumors.
You're not getting any outcome by using social media.
You are not making money out of it.

  • Statement 2: Social Media is Extremely Good for you:

If you have a social media presence of your business, and you know how to grow your business with the help of social media.
If you are consuming positive content.
If you are using it to learn something.
You are making money out of it.

The bottom line here says that social media is good for you if you use it right. But if you misuse it, it can be extremely destructive.

  • Statement 3: Social Media is Important

Now, here comes another statement that says social media is important. Yes, you need to cope-up with the world, don’t you?

In fact, you may have come to this blog through social media itself. Social media is such a platform that is doing wonders today.

More specifically, at this time of pandemic, social media is one kind of a saviour for brands and businesses. So if you too are running a business, social media is important.

Moreover, it connects you with the world. As an expert in brain science, I have taught individuals around the world through social media platforms. People reach out to me through social media, and join the brain fitness training program.

All you need to learn is the right way to use social media. 

What shall I do then?

At this time, staying away from social media is not possible. What's in your hand is to use it right. Here are some tips on social media that can be life-changing if you follow:

  • Limit your social media time.
  • Do not use social media for at least one hour after you wake up.
  • Consume quality content.
  • Take a day off from social media every week.
  • Use it for a good cause.
  • Learn things regularly. There is a lot of free content to learn.
  • If you can't find any course, learn how the algorithms of social media platforms work.
  • While minimizing the social media time, optimize your reading time.
  • Read at least one book in a week. However, if you want to read more exceptionally, you can talk to the best speed reading training coach.
  • Go for a short walk daily.
  • Spend time with nature.

Social media is a trap, do not get hooked. There is a life outside social media, and that life is beautiful. 

To grow your mind and to know how to stop being trapped by social media – Consult the best brain coach in India, RIGHT NOW!

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