The Mastery of “Visualization”

They made it possible because of their mastery of visualization. You can also visualize.
The visualization technique is a practice used to change reality by changing the way you think and enhancing your imagination power. You can create your own scenarios in your mind and keep on repeating that behavior over and over again until it becomes a reality and you can see the potential of visualization in front of you happening in reality. This is a great technique that many successful people use to bring their dreams into a positive outcome in reality.

The human brain doesn't understand the difference between what you have imagined and what is reality. For example, when you have a peaceful, dreamy slumber and when you abruptly wake up. Your mind still feels as if the situation was real, but it's not because it was all visualized by your mind. In the 1950s, the University of Chicago did a free-throw experiment about how visualization can enhance performance, specifically for basketball players. These basketball players were set into 3 groups and were told to do nothing, the second group to practice free throws every day for at least half an hour, and the third group to visualize themselves practicing the free throw. And when the matches were conducted, they saw no difference in the first group but saw a 24% improvement in the second group. But do you want to know about the third team? The third team improved 23% of their game just by visualizing every day. Just 1% less than the group who physically practiced. That’s the power of visualization that you can bring with mentally practicing things.

Today, we will explore the power of visualization. Have you ever experienced it when you are in a certain situation with a certain someone and you feel as if you have already been through it? That’s because you have visualized that scenario in your mind too many times. The power of visualization is like the screen in your head, which is operated by the theatre of your mind. You can play whichever movie you want in this theatre and create scenarios of your choice, and you have the power to create this scenario in a positive way or a negative way. It's your choice! When you visualize your movie with positive affirmations, you will see your mind acting in the same way. You create your own scenarios in your head, and your subconscious mind is like a theatre that plays the things that are shared with it. In other words, reality is like a destination that you want to reach, while your visualization is a path and your subconscious mind is a driver towards your destination! So, make sure you visualize your path with positive affirmation, in a healthy environment, and with a calm mind. And you will successfully reach your destination too without any hurdles.

Remember, we're all going to get old someday, and when people ask us, “How did you live your life?” don't you want to say “BEST?” Make your dream life possible with the mastery of visualization. Fix your goal on what you want to do. For example, in the next 6 months of planning to achieve your goal, start working towards it. As I am explaining it, it may sound impossible to you, and you may feel this is all imaginary and there is no practicality in it, but that's the “visualization power.” You were not aware of this technique but now you know what difference does it make why don’t you try it yourself! Rather than having guilt or regret of not trying it out, give it a try and be limitless with your visualisation and create your own reality. At least in the next 6 months, share in the comments below what target you want to achieve. Start your comment with a positive affirmation.

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