Stop reading! Read to know why?

Reading is the most important part of my life because it has multiple effects on our brains. Reading is important because it helps you stimulate your mood. And helps with reducing stress. It helps with enhancing your knowledge and helps you build a positive mindset. Reading every day has many benefits. It helps you with learning from others’ experiences, with creativity, and also increases your imagination power. But, not every book reader is called an authentic reader. There are so many people who read just because someone has told them to. Also, there are some people who read but they read magazines, fiction, and non-fiction too, to pass time. There are a few points that I am going to share below that will explain to you why you need to stop reading if you feel the same way!

1) You would rather want to spend time on the internet

When you get spare time, grab a book to start reading, but if you eventually start feeling tired of it. You start missing your mobile’s absence and you feel like quickly checking your notifications. That means you were not reading the book properly in the first place. Because whenever you are reading a book, keep all the distractions away from you. Especially your cell phone keeps it away when you are going to read. And prepare yourself mentally for the same. When you start reading and in the middle of it, you feel like keeping a book aside and starting going through social media, which shows your mind was unprepared for this.



2) You want to play games on your phone than reading

Who doesn’t like playing games on mobile? But is it a great way to spend your time? Well, that’s totally your decision to make. Many people travel by metro, train, or even in-cab, and isn’t that a great way to spend that time in a book world? But have you noticed people spend that time playing games? But if you want to differentiate yourself from those people or that crowd, then you can utilize that spare time by listening to an audiobook. Trust me, you will feel like you are in a different world until your destination shows up.

3) You feel you are too overloaded with work and can't read

As you all know in our Read for Success, many people are professionals and business owners, and all of them, in the beginning, feel that they can’t make it or I just don’t have enough time to read because I am already overloaded with work. But once they start reading, they can’t get enough of it. Reading is a habit that one needs to incorporate into themselves if one wants to succeed in life. If you think you have too much work, try time management and take out some time to read. If you are a student and a professional, there are a huge number of books that you can read relating to your work profession or career choice. So, it's you who’s going to take time out for a healthy habit.

4) You would rather go to sleep than read before going to bed

I know every one of us gets tired after coming home and can’t wait to fall asleep, but what if you keep a book aside from your bed and would rather read a book before falling asleep? When you fall asleep at night, you get various thoughts about whatever has happened throughout the day. And when you still try to sleep, anxiety builds and you get bad dreams. But when you start reading before falling asleep, it helps with calming your nerves and calming your head and its thoughts. It also helps with improving your quality of sleep. It helps with calming your insomnia and helps build positive thinking. And calm-headed sleep leads you to trouble-free sleep, that too for a long time and enough hours, which is a necessity.

5) When you keep counting how many pages left

There are people who call themselves bookworms, but once they read, they just can’t help but check the number of pages left. Well, some people are curious to know more, but that doesn’t mean you start counting how many pages are left. That shows that you are simply reading a book that is not of your choice or that you are not in a stable state of mind. If you are reading a book, you should feel like you should keep reading more and more rather than counting the pages. If you feel so, you can try checking books of your choice. You can visit our social media handle for book recommendations of your choice, or also check on our website as well. 

You should read a book only if reading excites you. And if you want to be successful, then keep reading. I am Dr. Manjunath, a Mind Performance Coach and an expert in brain science. I invite you all to join me in my program “Read for Success” to get together to open your horizons to recognize more opportunities. For further details, contact us at

18 thoughts on “Stop reading! Read to know why?”


    Learning is amzing…taking action as though started taking action sometimes ago as Amruth is a good friend of mine. My sicere gratitude and regards to you and wishes for your mission and taken with my daily routine the speed reading, as I am professionally a mind meditational coach cum professional graphologist.

    Partha Pratim Pal

  2. Dear Sir,
    I attended your “ Read for Success” and it gave me a gift of reading in a appropriate way.
    Here what you above are the all habits which was troubling me. But now after keep reading for three years , it’s now eliminated and good one infused.
    From April till today , I completed 7 books and going strong.
    Next year ( April 23 to Narch 24)I will be taking target for 52 books a year.

    I also like to attend your 21 days programme this year and pl keep update me for your schedule.

  3. Sir, your webinar/subject is my immense need. I m listening u for the very ist time. Me a Doctor. As u suggested today morning to have a book of about 180 pages. Then being a Doctor , I want to read only my subject related book. Pls guide me in this regard

  4. After attending the speed reading course I was able to read 30 pages just in one hour time and Iam able to read more Books than before Thank You very much Manjunath Sir

  5. Dr. P. C. Sahoo

    Thank you sir for motivation to read , though we know the theory often we stop reading regularly.Thank you sir for reminding.

  6. I attended 4 days workshop, I missed first and last day workshop. I want to continue the course, what should I have to do now.

  7. Reading books also will make a mind pleasure like games, net surfing and some amusing thing. But whoever just to spend time and amusing they can stop reading and start reading for value an effective time for them. Whoever really understands the value of reading will really respect their reading time is essential for their growth and progress to success.

  8. A V V Satyanarayana

    Thanq sir for the best information provided
    to enhance the reading benifits and to improve mental health for healthy, wealthy and happy life.6 days foundation course of ” Read for Success” helped a lot
    to improve my reading abilities.

  9. I have been a good reader since my childhood days. But as rightly pointed out by you reading was on a downward graph due to paucity of time on the work front. Having said that it is ironical as I am a teacher of literature. I did read to keep up my teaching needs. But books of these kind had taken a back seat to be honest. Attending your course rekindled the desire to read these kind of books also.
    Thank you very much,
    I already finished a book Become a Complete Champion
    Grateful to you,.

  10. Dr Manjunath thank you so much for your message…. I always had the passion for reading but off late was not able to read anything, trust me your “Read to Success” and “Brain Accelerator” Course has helped and motivated me so much that I continue reading everyday in the morning @5:30am. It keeps me so energetic and happy throughout the day. Thanks for all your posts Sir. God bless 🙏

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