What are you doing with your phone? Do this

The kind of phone you use determines how much time you are spending on it. If I move back to some years back we didn’t have a smartphone, we used to have a landline phone, or even after we had a phone it was without internet. At that time our productivity was much higher than now! do you agree? And now we tend to spend more time on smartphones than on their actual use for Productive purposes. So, tell me how many of you start your day with your mobile’s alarm clock, then turn the alarm off and open the social media apps! Then get up send everyone a good morning text and then move ahead and spend an hour on social media. But what if you spend that initial one hour working on yourself like this previous blog. Today we’ll focus on how can we use smartphones for the right purposes.

Learn Investing

A lot of us are professionals but very few of us know how to invest online. There are multiple ways you can learn to invest your money. There are hundreds of videos showing where to invest and how to invest. And how can we learn that? Through the social media app YOUTUBE! You can learn to invest and not just for monetary purposes. You can invest your mind and soul to learn a lot more than that. You can watch my videos where I talk about various topics which might interest you. You can always invest your time in learning the things you want to know more about. This way you will spend time on social media but for a good cause.

Time management emerged as a business practice besides the time and motion studies in the early twentieth century. What began as a business efficiency technique quickly evolved into the creation of standard times for tasks, as well as the introduction of the assembly line technique of mass production, and then transformed into a critical business tool.

Learn Online Selling

You must notice that there are so many startups that have started in India. After the business reality show occurred in India people got very inspired and wants to start businesses. And if you are an initial businessman you must start with online selling with a small investment. One should always manifest the best future and for that do the smart work. Rather than spending time doing your day-to-day thing, use your smartphone to make an impact not for others but for yourself.

Learn More Skills

We are living in the 21st century and we have so much competition already. And if you want to be successful it's necessary that you have to stand out compared to others and how can you do that by being a skilled professional. There is no day where you are not learning something. One should always be a learner and if you want to achieve high success in your life you must have all the skills needed for the thing you need to ace. So keep learning a new skill every time you get a chance.

Learn to connect with Good influence

Now each of us has a social media account but what content are we seeking is also important. You can spend hours and hours on social media and gain nothing out of it. Then why do it? People are always there to criticize but why should we follow such people which have a bad influence on us. We have to be smart enough to understand what kind of content we should seek and then follow only those people who make a certain impact on our life. You can spend an hour watching irrelevant reels but if you watch one inspiring reel or inspirational post it will make a difference in your life. You can check out our page for some inspirational posts which will surely make a positive outcome in your life.

Develop Good Habits

Having good habits is very crucial to becoming successful in life. We can’t change our bad habits in a day or two but we can surely make our way towards a happy and successful life by implementing some good habits in ourselves. To develop good habits we must start with reading a book it might be one book at the beginning but once you start to keep increasing its number. You will surely see a big impact on your life. I don’t suggest reading a book on a smartphone because of one notification and here our mind gets distracted. It’s always better to go with an organic method to pursue our healthy habits and stay away from smartphones.

We are at that stage of life where life itself seems difficult without smartphones. Our work, Families, and studies are dependent on social media but it’s we who are going to decide how much time we should spend. It’s your time for detoxication from the phone world into a growth world with habits like reading. It’s you who will change it for yourself or will keep wasting your time. It’s time to whether to waste your time on a smartphone or invest it to find inspiration to make an impact. I am Dr. Manjunath, a Mind Performance Coach and an expert in brain science. I invite you all to join us in my program “Read for Success” to get together to open your horizons to recognize more opportunities. For further details contact us at https://coachmanjunath.com/read-for-success/

20 thoughts on “What are you doing with your phone? Do this”

  1. Productivity is the key concept nowadays which is addressed here very well by you sir.. I acknowledge the sincere appreciation for the game changing initiative.. congratulations sir..

  2. Manjula Kumari Sahu

    That’s true in this World of distraction, it is highly needed for everyone to analyse as to how much time we spend on social media. Nice article sir.

  3. Sir, as always, this post is also very useful, and highly thought provoking. You teach us how to improve our quality of life productively, by using the mobile phone effectively. Thanks a million to you Sir.

  4. Sir, your above article is very inspiring and effective to be successful person. Attending your course 20th June to 25 th June 2022), READ FOR SUCCESS, I have got tremendous benefit. Since then I have completed 3 books and continuing. Try to manage time effectively.
    You are truly inspiring people’s lives. Thank you sir. I am immensely indebted to you.
    Prasanta De

  5. Great insights and information and recommended actions , valuable indeed , Instead of thinking it as an Instrument Consider it as an Investment, a wonderful tool that can be put to real use instead of using it just for socialising and camera !
    Definitely do able actions !

  6. Yes, you have been said very well. Once we use mobiles/communication devices very purposeful, today it is used the humans. When we dive into such gadgets we didn’t even notice why we take the gadget. Today all the inventions are smart but the humans..? even we didn’t remember 2 mobile no. Human needs a change otherwise entire human life will be collapsed.

  7. A V V Satyanarayana

    Excellently said.For easy communication,
    transaction and many other smart functional purposes using.

  8. Harshit Baranwal

    Thank You for your wonderful insights and yes a mind-boggling fact of use a smartphone for unproductive things

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