You aspire to be successful. You desire to do big things. You want to make a real impact. You should read books, it acts as an extremely significant way to help you get there. Whether others tell you that you can't, you're attempting to overcome a learning curve, or you just need that additional piece of expert encouragement, books can help you attain your goals and ambitions.

Why are you planning to read books?

With so many alternatives for obtaining material and information bombarding us daily, it's tempting to believe that books are out of date and no longer relevant. However, there is strength in the written word. Reading books is an excellent method to maintain your personal growth, whether you're an entrepreneur, business person, or simply someone who wants to improve. Here are a few reasons why one needs to plan for reading books.

Reading keeps you up to date: Books can make you aware of business trends and tactics. You may spend thousands of dollars traveling across the nation to attend workshops and gurus, or you can spend a few bucks on a book! And once completed, it's always within arm's reach for quick reference.

Reading books is good for your brain: “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body,” stated Joseph Addison. You don't want a “flabby” intellect in this competitive climate, believe me! Reading stimulates blood flow to the brain in novel ways, keeping your mind and thinking sharp and crisp.

It broadens your viewpoint: Let's be honest. Most of us live and work in a very limited network of contacts. What and who we know define our surroundings. What if there are additional marketplaces out there that we haven't even considered or explored? Reading can help us widen our horizons.

It improves your life: So far, we've mostly discussed expanding our brains and our business. However, reading for enjoyment has several advantages. Reading a book before going to bed is a fantastic way to unwind and relax. Reading for pleasure brings up a world of history, intrigue, comedy, adventure, and imagination. Reading pushes the boundaries of your imagination. You could even be startled by a surprising suggestion from an unexpected place.

New thoughts are stimulated: Frequently, I'll be reading a book when the material sparks an entirely new thought in me. Reading accomplishes this! Read a book if you need new ideas and ways of thinking.

Associate new habit with old habit: According to brain science, Synaptic pruning is a natural process that occurs as we age. Synapses are the connections that exist between neurons in your brain. The basic notion is that your brain prunes away neural connections that aren't used regularly and sets new ones that are.

Every habit you form results in synaptic pruning. As previously said, your brain creates a dense network of neurons to support your present activities. The stronger and more effective the link gets, the more you do. You most likely have strong routines and relationships that you take for granted every day.

When it comes to developing new habits, you may take advantage of the interconnectivity of behavior. One of the most effective methods to develop a new habit is to discover an existing habit that you currently do every day and then stack your new behavior on top of it. For example, if you drink a cup of coffee every day then you might as well read 10 pages of a book while drinking, or you can substitute your coffee with 10 pages of a book.

Meet the right people: The books you read and the people you meet are the two most important things that will make you enlightened. It is critical to meet the proper people because you will become more and more like the people around you. People you encounter will have an impact on you, for better or worse. As a result, it is critical to carefully select the individuals you meet, especially if they are to become close friends. More importantly, attempt to surround yourself with successful people. Whenever feasible, seek out someone more capable than you. Someone with more wisdom, experience, and knowledge. 

GO and Apply!

Reading is beneficial to your health. According to research, regular reading:

  • Enhances brain connections
  • Expands your vocabulary and understanding
  • Allows you to sympathize with others
  • Helps with sleep preparation
  • Alleviates stress
  • Blood pressure and heart rate are reduced.
  • Combats the symptoms of depression
  • Keeps cognitive deterioration at bay as you get older
  • Helps you live a longer life

It's especially crucial to read as much as they can since the benefits of reading build up over time. However, it is never too late to begin reaping the many physical and psychological advantages that can be found inside the pages of a good book. I am Dr. Manjunath, a mind performance coach and an expert in brain science. I invite you all to join us in my program read for success. For further details contact us at


    1. If you have not read a day, you have wasted that day. Hope yo be motivated always sir…. Great information 👍

  1. Very well explained sir . indeed help us in a great way in terms of our self growth and building new habits …thank you sir..

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