Why removing the phrase “I can’t” from life is crucial

At least once in a life, we get into the position where the phrase “I can’t “ comes to our minds. This thought crosses everyone's mind, it happens, and it is normal. The matter of seriousness starts when this thought outweighs our positive approach.

I can not do this
I don’t know-how
I am not good to do this
I am just not good enough

These not, don’t, can’t are such terrible words. They make a barrier to your growth around your life much tighter.


Faith is the belief system of?

Having faith in yourself and believing that you can do it, is a must. When you think you can’t before even initiating it. You just started doubting yourself. In all, what is holding you back is you yourself only. With the right mindset, you can achieve everything which you want to do. Project on your belief system, as framing a positive attitude is like taking a first step in accomplishing the goal. Start saying “I can “. remove self-doubting and worrying. Stick with the positive side of everything.

Embrace Change

Most of us get afraid of welcoming changes. The main reason behind this fear is that accepting it takes you out of your comfort zone to an unfamiliar environment. Don’t be terrified to accept life changes. Accepting changes will bolster your confidence. Yup! The process of accepting changes and working on them is a difficult task but not an impossible thing. It feels arduous as repeatedly doing something makes us habitual of it. Brain science experts on research on humans concluded that we are resistant to change. We usually don’t appreciate the connection of embracing and growing with change.

Steps to detach “I Can’t” from life:

Acknowledge your potential to burst out of your bubble of negative approach. Here are some short practices that you can incorporate into your life. Follow these techniques to put forth your aim of eradicating the expression “I can’t”.

  • Start learning new things:
    Commit to dedicating your time not to overthinking over what you can’t but instead to learning. There are countless things that you learn as learning is never a waste, on every ground it makes you move ahead. Be curious and creative in every facet.
  • Maintain a positive attitude:
    Attitude plays a key role. Ultimately your poise and energy are also major elements to make things go well. Keeping a negative attitude is easy to get mad at, easy to complain, and easy to do nothing about it. But is worth having a positive approach that makes you confident. It is too fragile and takes a long to build up but can shatter like glass in seconds.
  • Practice persistence:
    A famous proverb “ Rome wasn’t built in a day” stands perfectly right on this part. You can’t change something overnight which you were doing till now. Slowly but make it possible. Just self-discipline yourself in unlearning this habit of “I can’t”.
  • Stop Procrastination:
    Procrastination is the main hurdle in the journey of detaching “I can’t”.It is a deed that ruins your life for no apparent reason. Follow the “2-minute” rule that provides you a simpler way to make your habit.

Now, if “I can’t” thought pops up in your mind then start focusing on the first step and then the next. Once you start practicing this, you will yourself start noticing the change in your attitude. You can yourself experience that you can do anything. That evil word “I can’t” is no more a hurdle in the path of your successful life.

I am Dr. Manjunath, a mind performance coach and Speed Reading, Memory, and Brain Performance Coach. Let me guide you in detaching the harmful word “I can’t” from your life. You can explore more by reading the right books https://coachmanjunath.com

21 thoughts on “Why removing the phrase “I can’t” from life is crucial”

  1. 3ps with learning are the actual outcome to set our mind from NO to YES ( Postive attitude , persistence, procrastination ) , Very valuable inputs Sir .

  2. Sir great line. I am always fighting with these type of problems, but your class and able guidance has boosted my positive thought much.
    Now I have started many things to improve our knowledge, skill and lifestyle, but at the same time I am deviated from the path/ commitment due to day to day life.
    Thanks for your great thoughts/ line which again directed me in positive mode.

  3. sir
    I read full blog. Its a truth one .In every one thinks on this way, I joined in your class on 7th august. But my memory classes are not going smoothly. I am very upset in my mind with these things .What can i do .Start again with class ,Please kindly reply to me.

  4. Thanks Manjunath Sir , the thoughts do really motivate..just need your How to maintain consistency in approach say for eg staying positive or controlling mind.

  5. Awesome, well said sir, all the content u have written is so appropriate and mind blowing. Keep writing Doctor.


    I would like to change my self but it is unable to come out from our daily routine. Also i have engage myself in different things which not much necessary and which is not allowed me to grow and fly. I don’t know how much time i required to do something better. sometimes i feel “मेरा कुछ नहीं हो सकता”

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